Renewable energy solutions.

5 GW
Projects under development
250 MWp
Won at auction

Renewable energy solutions.

5 GW
Projects under development
250 MWp
Won at auction


Experienced professionals, specialized in generation plants.

ENERCOM started its activities in 2014, through the development of the Solar Salgueiro Complex, which, in consortium with Canadian Solar Inc, won the A-4 Auction in 2017 and the UFV Luiz Gonzaga 2 project in the A-6 Auction in 2019 .

Currently, ENERCOM has a portfolio of more than 5 GW in greenfield photovoltaic projects to participate in auctions or to make contracts for the purchase and sale of energy for the free energy market.

Experience, partnership and environmental responsibility.

ENERCOM is the result of research and development in clean and sustainable energy, occupying a leading position in the segment of alternative sources and environmental impact.

The company has a vast team of professionals, with experience in corporate management and structuring, also focused on strategic planning and economic and financial viability analysis for new projects.

Our process

In order to serve a growing market, seeking agility and training, ENERCOM is ready for accurate readings, adapting projects and establishing trusting partnerships. The use of alternative sources is inserted in a promising scenario, following the pace of economic growth and environmental awareness. The projection for the next 20 years is that about 50% of the country's energy will come from clean sources, with effective planning from now on.

Promoting cost reduction and freedom of choice, ENERCOM focuses on constant expansion, maintaining the quality of plants in operation throughout the country and the utmost respect for our customers. Entrepreneurs are accompanied in all phases, from conception to the start of the operation, in addition to receiving all the support necessary to go further. The spirit is constantly improving.

Inserted in the free and regulated market segments, ENERCOM brings as its expertise the generation of solar, wind and biogas energy, following the trends of the new markets and consolidating the generation of business. Using the important Brazilian energy matrix, ENERCOM signs projects that surpass the 5 gigawatt mark. The esteemed commitment is for safe, sustainable and competitive energy.

The company delivers positive results for demands that demand a quick solution. The focus is on growing competitively, seeking constant expansion to other reliable sources of energy, capable of building a better future. Among the pillars is renewal, the generation of jobs and income, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the transformation of cities.


ENERCOM projects in Brazil

  • Centralized generation projects
  • Micro and mini generation
  • Technical consultancy


Our policies and procedures

    Social responsability

    The best path is inclusion.

    Enercom contributes to the Novo Rumo Association, which takes care of children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Hyperactivity-ADHD, Child Psychosis, Microcephaly, Rare Diseases and other genetic syndromes with great love and dedication.

    The work developed by Novo Rumo is already known in more than 120 locations and has become a reference for the entire state. Currently, more than 400 children are served by the association.

    Enercom also contributes to ParaTodos, a non-profit institution that carries out projects to help people in situations of social vulnerability.